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New blogging website - please subscribe to poppy wanders! 20.08.2016
South India 21.06.2016
Sri Lanka 14.04.2016
Nepal 26.03.2016
North India 20.03.2016
China 28.01.2016
North Korea (DPRK) 16.01.2016
Mongolia 01.01.2016
Russia 26.12.2015
Remembering the positives, along with the negatives 18.10.2015
The stark realities of deaths in the Mediterranean Sea 11.10.2015
The arrival of refugees by boat (Molyvos) 07.10.2015
First few days in Moira Camp (Lesvos) 03.10.2015
Volunteering in a refugee camp in Greece 29.09.2015
Prepping before jetting.... 31.05.2015